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12 DAY DETOX Challenge!!!! (Cleanse/Detox/Tone)

Are you ready to press "RESET" with an EASY Detox? No registration fee to join the challenge but you have to get the items you need to participate. With this you will receive access to our private Facebook group we created exclusively for participants of this challenge. You will get detox guidance, sample meal plans and cleanse instructions along with videos of workouts you can do at home (no equipment required). Don't forget to take before and after pics!!! At the end of the two-week challenge, a winner will be randomly picked to receive a prize! If you have social media please follow and tag @FitNHappyDiva when you post about your detox activities and use #FitNHappyDiva #FHD12DayDetox (You have a better chance of getting picked if you are actively posting about your detox on social media as I will be looking at the hashtags to see who is posting) Although we are coordinating a monthly group Detox challenge, anyone can do this on their own at anytime and you will still have access to the Facebook group.

*ITEMS NEEDED (click each one below to go to product page)

*ITEMS NEEDED (click each one below to go to product page)

*Although we recommend you get all 3 items to get the full benefit of this challenge, we only require you get a minimum of 1 item. At the very least, you should get the Detox Drinks or the Greens. Prices listed are discounted for my Loyal Customer Program. Free to become a Loyal Customer when you set up your auto-shipment, which you can cancel after 3 months. You can modify your auto-ship anytime as their is no minimum.

Fit & Happy Diva's 30 Day Abs Challenge

30 day challenge focused on core strength. Download the complete calendar and try it on your own. Access the demo videos on my YouTube page.

Please remember to follow me and like the videos :-)